Welcome to www.amxbans.net, the new-old home for the amxbans system.

Due to HLXBans.net being closed down for lack of time i (Zapy) decided to take over the support with YamiKaitou.
As i bought the domain from SeToY some years ago when they closed the development on amxbans.net i find it obvious to continue using it
for amxbans and as a support-forum.
At the moment, this front-page is all we have and almost all it will be.

The HLXBans domains will not be renewed and will be redirected here untill they expire.

We have set up a forum for discussion and support at http://forum.amxbans.net

History of amxbans The old front-site of amxbans.net untill we took over the support.


Rikard 'Zapy' Bremark - zapy@amxbans.net