As of 2010 something AMXBans by YoMama/LuX and lantz69/Geesu was transfered to SeToY and hes team for further development.
SeToY and hes team contributed to the AMXBans project with a complete rewrite of the WEB-GUI and a lot of fixes and new
functions in the AMXBans plugin-base.

By the end of 2010 development of AMXBans sized with reasons i don't know of, and from that day we have seen a new project
come alive by the name of HLXBans with former AMXBans developer Sleepwalker and contributor Vincent with the goal of implementing
both HL1 and HL2 banning in the same WEB-Gui.
This is one but not the only of many changes in this new project, so be sure to visit them and help them with ideas and suggestions!!

This new project can be found here

At this moment no release has been made but it looks really promising from a community admin's point of view.

Support this new project with ideas, help to other members or what ever way you can contribute to or even make a donation.
Also if you have problems with AMXBans, you will surely [if you ask nicley! ;P] get some help from the HLXBans community.
Time is never free and the plugin authors (for all the plugins) is doing this in their spare time so the last we can do is at least support them by giving them a smal donation!
To show our appreciation and support!

The Community will always be grateful to those that have put so much time and effort in developing AMXBans for the HL1 community
over the years and have made banning on multiple servers a piece of cake for those thousands of servers and admins out there!

I also wish to say thanks to BAILOPAN and the numerous members from the AMXModX, AlliedModers, SourceMOD, Metamod, Metamod-p and all those i have forgot for their contributions
to the Half-Life 1 and Half-Life 2 community with all these plugins and admin-tools that the most of us takes for granted today!

Rikard 'Zapy' Bremark -